Advantage Kuoni Academy

The top 5 reasons why you should connect with Kuoni Academy regarding your Career and Business are:

  1. Kuoni Academy is the oldest brand in travel education in India that imbibes the Travel Culture in every stake-holder including the students and our partners.
  2. Kuoni Academy is the only travel education brand in India endorsed by international Partners in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality and facilitates its students and Partners with international exposure.
  3. Kuoni Academy is the only travel education brand that assures 100% placements to all its students through its connect with more than 1500 organisations across India that hire competent workforce from all our centres.
  4. Kuoni Academy is the only travel education institute in India that offers courses in M.I.C.E, Travel Management, Travel Business Development and Travel Tele-Sales, the most unique Programmes set exactly as per the industry requirement.
  5. Kuoni Academy is the only brand that offers real-time and collaborative learning methodology to its students and partners that results in experiential learning for developing industry demanded competency.

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